Kara Stewart FortierBefore diving into podcasting and audio engineering, I was a leader for a volunteer citizen lobbying organization. I was a teacher, an actor, a song writer and a singer. A preacher and a troublemaker. An oboe player. I was that annoying philosophy major you remember from college.

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been in love with ideas. I love discovering new ideas. I love developing great ideas and shouting them from the rooftops. I love cultivating community around ideas I’m passionate about. I love seeing connections between ideas that don’t seem like they go together. It makes me feel like cultural spelunker or an academic Indiana Jones.

So the world of on-demand audio is exactly where I belong. I’m enjoying learning all things broadcast production at Pasadena City College and I couldn’t feel more at home.

On this website you’ll learn more about: