You're Doing It Wrong Kara FortierHave you ever read an article about your generation and felt heat rising under your collar? These days, the media is obsessed with these types of stories. And why wouldn’t they be? We obviously read them.

Younger generations are claiming their elders completely messed up the world. Boomers and Xers keep accusing Millennials and Gen Z of being self-obsessed and over-privileged.

Who’s got it right?

The idea behind You’re Doing It Wrong is to provide a space where we can slip into the shoes of people who’ve lived very different lives from our own, starting with people in our own family trees.

The blame game hasn’t been helping. It only draws yet another line of division between us when we really could use a few less.

The only way we’ll be able to leave the world better for future generations is to get a better understanding of how we got where we are now.

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